033 - Why Men Are 15x More Likely to Be Gaming Addicts + New Podcast Announcement!

With 2.5 billion people playing video games around the globe, and 3-4% of these showing signs of gaming addiction, it's easy to see how there are 10's of millions of gaming addicts worldwide. However, did you know that 94% of them are men?
What do you think the average gamer looks like? A man in his early 20’s, perhaps a college student? Wrong. It’s actually a woman in her mid 30’s. 

Why is it then that the average gaming addict is a 24-year-old male?

With men making up over 90% of the population of gaming addicts, scientists have been prompted to undertake research into why this is the case.

As it turns out, there may actually be underlying neurological reasons as to why men are more likely to become addicted to gaming, read more in the study here.

Personally, I think the naturally competitive nature of men plays a bigger role in it. Video games are the perfect place for men to assert dominance in ways that would have been fulfilled through fighting or sports in the past. It's no wonder then, with so many people playing games, that men have naturally tended to dominate the competitive space.

Want to know more? Read our article: Everything you need to know about gaming disorder.

Also, if you stick to the end of the episode I make a big announcement about the launch of a new podcast!

Life After Gaming is going to feature stories and interviews from the people that make Game Quitters possible: You!

I'll post more information in the future but you can have a read of the post on our forum here if you're interested!

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See you next time.

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